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Professional Engineers Registration Board - KAMILLE JACKSON


Eng Jackson commenced her engineering career at the University of Technology, Jamaica, and is a Masters graduate of the Victorian University of Manchester, United  Kingdom. She graduated in 2000 in Structural Engineering with a minor in Architecture and Spanish. 

She worked in the North Sea and West Africa as a Field Engineer in the Oilfield Service prior to returning  to  serve  Jamaica  in  the  industry  of  the  built environment.  She  has  worked  on  road rehabilitation  projects,  commercial,  institutional,  residential  as  well  as  tourism  engineering  and construction projects.  

Eng.  Jackson  served  on  the  Council  of  the  Jamaica  Institution  of  Engineers  from  2005  to  2008 where  she  was  Vice  President  of  Public  Relations  and  Communications  for  the  period  2007  to 2008.    She  currently  sits  on  the  Sustainable  Construction  Panel  of  the  Institution  of  Structural Engineers in the UK where she is a Chartered Engineer. Eng. Jackson was instated to the PERB Board in October 2012, and serves as Chair of the Communications Committee. 

Kamille served as a part-time facilitator at the University of Technology, Jamaica in the Faculty of the Built Environment, Caribbean School of Architecture from 2010 to 2014 while working in the private sector as a Civil and Structural Engineering consultant. She held the position of Director of Projects at the Tourism Product Development Company from 2015 to 2017. 

As a Consulting Engineer, her  passion  is  geared  toward  sustainable  development  for  Jamaica  especially  in  the  context  of the built and engineered environment. She enjoys art and fine photography, travelling, poetry and real estate. She is a runner and a member of Pacers Running Club in  Kingston, a member of the Realtors  Association  of  Jamaica  and  the  National  Association  of  Realtors  and  a  member of the Transformed Life Church in Kingston.