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Professional Engineers Registration Board - DAVE BARNABY



Mr.  Dave  Anthony  Barnaby has  been  the  Managing  Director  for  Barnaby  Engineering  andTesting Services Limited since its inception in 1983. 

Mr.   Barnaby   was   born   in   Savanna-la-mar,   Westmoreland.   He   received   high   Secondary Education  from  Mannings  High  School  where  he  was  not  only out  standing  academically,  but served  Club  Committees.  An  award  was  given  to  him  for  his  active  participation  in  the  Past Student Association. Mr. Barnaby is the holder of an honours degree in Mechanical Engineering, from  the  University  of  the  West  Indies.  Previously,  he obtained  a  diploma  in  Mechanical Engineering   from   the   College   of   Arts,   Science   and   Technology   (now,   University   of Technology).

His long and distinguished career started at the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited. There he  spent  nine  (9)  years  before  joining  with  Mattis  Demain  and  Associates.  This  laid  the foundation of Barnaby Engineering and Testing Services Limited. 

As a Professional Engineer, his work within  the Engineering fraternity and his contribution to a number  of  associations  has  earned  him  much  respect.  He  is  known  for  his  problem  solving abilities  and  his  wide-ranging  knowledge  of  Industrial  Operations,  in  particular  Boilers.  Mr. Barnaby is currently a member of 

  • The Jamaica Institute of Engineers (JIE)
  • The Jamaica Society of Non-Destructive Testing (JSNDT) 
  • The Jamaican Association of Safety Professionals (JASP) 
  • The Jamaican Association of Industrial Safety Inspectors 
  • The American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) 
  • The American Society of Appraisers (ASA) 
  • The American Welding Society (AWS) 

Mr.  Barnaby  strongly  believes  that  success  is  achieved  not  only  through  hard  work,  but  smart work. His key word is “ICHIBAN” which in Japanese means “Number One.”